Delaney Tosh

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach


Strategically driven towards innovation | Guided by humour and an addiction to financial statements


Over the last 16 years as a coach, my work has provided me with a broad range of experiences and given me a feel for many aspects of management, business, leadership and team success, including strategic planning, self-management, personal development, team dysfunction, and team performance success.  

I've discovered that spending time with people who really want to live the vision they hold for themselves as leaders – that of the creative, confident, effective, compassionate leader – to be most rewarding.

Supporting leaders and team members to find their ‘grace in action' is where it’s at for me. To me that means being the leader you know you are capable of being while working under life's daily pressures, and coming home feeling confident about yourself, your day, and your efforts. I absolutely love seeing that unfold for my clients, and feeling inspired by their brilliance, vulnerability, and capabilities. 

Taking the time to sink into this realization helped me refine my coaching business and branding. My vision now is of an inspired and inspiring coach of creative, driven, masterful leaders who want to feel comfortable in their own skin and skills.

Believe me, I’ve knocked my head up against the square-peg-in-a-round-hole phenomenon many times, and I’ve learned that being the square peg is a strength, not a weakness, as long as you know how to use your unique strengths. I’ve come to understand what it is that makes me square (a.k.a. unique) and I’ve learned to live into those strengths and use them in ways that are creative and in service of those with whom I work and play.  

I am very honoured to have the trust of my clients – those inspired, creative, intelligent, fun and unique people who love the feeling of bringing their whole selves to work and doing good work collaboratively.

What i'm known for:

  • 16 years experience in leadership coaching, team development and strategic planning.
  • Getting right to the heart of the matter.
  • Engaging safe spaces in which exploration, experimentation, creativity and learning can abound.
  • Facilitating team meetings using creative tools to quickly engage groups (even historically uncommunicative groups) and draw out their input, ideas, and collaborative solutions.
  • Translating academic and clinical research on management, leadership and innovation into practical strategies that leaders and teams can quickly implement.
  • Taking teams who have declared themselves as “unfixable” from dysfunction to friendly, productive and co-creative resilience.
  • Was told by said group, “You are the only consultant who didn’t run screaming from us. We didn’t think it was possible, but you got us working like a team again.” 

And then some…

When I’m not traveling, camping or hiking I can be found cooking up a storm for friends and family, coaxing my herb garden to luscious abundance, dancing in the kitchen or pointing the lens of my camera at interesting and beautiful things, people and places.  

I have an insatiable love of life and enjoy celebrating it with food and good family fun! In my spare time, I’ve been cooking up a cross-cultural leadership project for girls here and in India!


  • My heart

  • My values

  • Posner and Kouzes

  • Teresa Amabile

  • Jean Piaget

  • Gervase Bushe

  • The incredible folks at The Coaches Training Institute

  • My talented and highly professional circle of colleagues who continually challenge and support me in my learning journey