Some of SquarePeg's best loved tools, books, people, and products

StrengthsFinder 2.0 - A nifty assessment tool developed and validated by Gallup to identify your top strengths. The report includes many strategies to apply and enhance your strengths.

Challenge Dialogue - A system designed by the Renaissance Innovation Network to facilitate effective and productive dialogue across multiple stakeholders.


Neumann Leadership – Neumann Leadership is an executive coaching consultancy based in Victoria, BC. The organization, started by Angela Neumann, is focused on collaborative approaches to change (both at the individual and executive level). 

Unfolding Solutions - Michelle Winkel is a graphic facilitator focused on creativity and transforming culture through her company, Unfolding Solutions. Her services include visual change management, graphic recording, supervision & training.

Zethof Consulting - Bert Zethof is a consultant specializing in facilitating strategic planning and stakeholder engagement and leading groups to accomplish a common goal or to solve a difficult or complex challenge while achieving environmental, economic, and social sustainability.