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Women think, operate and lead differently than what the current paradigm of leadership holds up as our guide. 

When women are encouraged to be more like men in order to lead they cannot lead authentically and the diversity of ideas and wisdom women could bring to the table get lost.  

I believe that women really thrive as leaders when they have a deep connection to meaning, when they can lean into their intuition, when they operate from deeply held values, when they take a collaborative and co-creative approach. Recent research backs up this belief. With evidence based information and coaching approaches as my foundation, I work with women who not only want to lead well, but want to also thrive and to lead in a heart-centred, world changing way. 

This is why my approach to leadership coaching is designed as a journey which supports you in the nuanced re-discovery of your core values, signature strengths and wisdom that will inform your personal style of leadership – one grounded in behaviours and actions that enhance your sense of confidence, connection to purpose, ability to engage and prioritize people and community, and have you feel more fulfilled.

This just might be the place for you to thrive if you want to get really clear on what no longer serves you, and:

  • Embrace your signature strengths
  • Own your space
  • Live a meaning-FULL life
  • Live and lead from purpose
  • Connect deeply to a resonant vision
  • Live and lead heart-first – from compassion, intuition, inclusion

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"The best part of the coaching is the ability to convince myself of who I am, what my values are and the techniques of dealing with challenging situations that I am faced with. It's really all about learning and confirming who I am and how I lead best."

Karen O., Director, Government of Canada


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Leadership Coaching

One-to-one coaching.

Identify behaviours, habits and actions that will elevate your leadership effectiveness.

Grow into your most effective and confident leadership style and thrive.

Team Coaching & Facilitation

Build up team resilience, engagement and performance.

Enhance your team’s ideation and collaboration superpowers.

Bring the magic back to team culture.

Workshops & Retreats

Strategic Planning How-to Workshop

Resilience at Work, Team Resilience

Phoenix-Hearted Woman Leadership Retreats

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