Our Passion

SquarePeg Leadership develops leaders who lead from values, feel confident in their leadership, and engage awesomely creative teams.  

Your true leadership power comes from being authentic and bringing your unique qualities into everything you do. Leading effectively is not about being who you — or others — think a leader should be; it's about being who you truly are. We are here to help your unique character and talents run wild.

Trying to fit in can become painful and ineffective — why not step boldly into who you are and lead from confidence and authenticity?  Doesn’t that sound like a lot more fun?


Why we do what we do

We are here to make a difference.  

We are here to help leaders show up as their best selves and lead with confidence and balance.

We are here to help people make a difference through authentic, character-driven leadership.

We are here to help take the pain out of work and co-create workplaces that inspire.

Why is this important? All the research — and there is a lot of it — shows that authentic leadership has a positive effect on behaviours within organizations. Authentic leadership fosters trust, confidence, and clarity of expectations. Organizations that are led with authenticity do better in the marketplace. 

Above all, we believe that you, the leader, deserve to lead from confidence, satisfaction and to be a co-creator of a highly engaging, fun workplace. 

We believe that when leaders and teams feel engaged, the struggle diminishes, their performance improves, they stick around and they mentor new leaders… and the research supports our belief.

What we do

SquarePeg Leadership is a leadership coaching and team facilitation company that supports leaders and teams to draw on their uniqueness, climb out of the box, and be their authentic best.  

We call you forth into all your strengths. We know you are great and see our role as helping you unfold that greatness, stand tall in your uniqueness, and lead authentically. 

Our coaches help you build creative culture, nurture innovation, and establish the mechanisms to sustain high performance in yourself and in others.


How we do it

We identify new ways to serve and support our clients to uncover their strengths, lead from core, and develop stronger capacities to engage and empower. 

At SquarePeg Leadership we know that same-old-same-old doesn’t cut it and certainly doesn’t create new learning and growth, so we use innovative tools, serious play and action learning techniques to fast-track growth, capacity and performance. Our approach is grounded in coaching and facilitation and we use a co-creative methodology, recognizing that our clients generally have all the answers and just need guidance and tweaking in their style to put it all into play.

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