Abrasive leaders (a.k.a. ‘bullies’) may be highly productive, but are also highly destructive to company morale and team effectiveness.

SquarePeg Leadership brings a highly researched and effective approach to coaching the abrasive leader to increase their awareness, empathy and create lasting behavioural changes. 

The process is more prescriptive than with traditional executive and leadership coaching.  The distinction is that when coaching the Abrasive Leader, successful changes in behaviour are more likely to occur through the use of a structured program using action research.  The program follows a step-by-step structure, as follows:

  • Data gathering – using a Narrative 360 approach, colleagues are interviewed to identify the negative perceptions that are threatening managerial effectiveness.
  • Data analysis – the information gathered from interviews is assessed and then organized into a composite report.
  • Data review - the coaching client and coach review the report together.
  • Preliminary diagnosis – the coach and client identify the negative coworker perceptions and diagnose the behaviour to be changed.
  • Collaborative action planning – the client and coach prioritize behaviours to change and identify more productive management strategies for each.
  • Taking action – with new strategies in hand, the client tests the new strategy in the workplace over a period of time as a means of testing the hypothesis that this new behaviour will reduce negative perceptions.
  • Fact finding -  follow-up interviews are conducted by the coach to gather current perceptions and determine if the client’s new awareness and behaviours have had a more positive impact.

The goal is to increase the abrasive leader’s awareness, provide proof that the behaviours creating negative perceptions are ineffective, help guide changed behaviours with proof of their effectiveness, and ultimately start to build trust within the workplace.

Request our white paper for information on the costs of not dealing with abrasive leaders and for tips and more details on our approach.