Ideate Like the Pros (Workshop)

One-day workshop (can be divided over two back-to-back half days)

Who should attend: Anyone in the organization responsible for strategy, creativity, innovation or product development.

Participant maximum: 15 

Workshop Description: SquarePeg loves the science of play and creativity and to that end we deliver a workshop designed to help turn teams into ideation powerhouses. Teams learn and experience a proven process for idea generation and to quickly recognize the killer ideas to move forward on.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover how to bring a team together
  • Recognize your own style and know when to use it in the context of the team process
  • Learn how to think outside the box and free your mind for creative thinking
  • Let go of stale brainstorming methodologies

master the art of Strategic Planning (Workshop) 

1 day

Maximum Participants:  20

Who is it for:  Leaders and managers / Work teams / Emerging leaders

Goal:  To help leaders and their teams strengthen their strategic muscles. 

Having facilitated numerous strategic planning sessions over the years with corporate and government teams, both small and large, SquarePeg Leadership has developed a nifty process for helping teams engage discussion, bottom-line the key priorities, create buy-in and ensure clear outcomes and a communication plan.  This workshop, which was originally developed and delivered for the Royal Roads University's former ALMP Program, will increase your strategic planning effectiveness and provide you with proven tools and techniques.  

Key Outcomes:

  • Increased knowledge of proven strategic planning tools
  • An understanding of the drivers of sound strategic thinking
  • Improved strategic decision making
  • Improved skills in asking the right questions to fuel effective strategic goals
  • An understanding of how to translate strategic goals into actions

You will leave with a facilitative guide to support your future planning sessions.