GEt the Ideas & put them into action

Take the time to reflect on your learning from the past year -- you may find a deep sense of appreciation for the opportunities that have emerged and for where you have fallen short in your goals and growth. 

Celebrate your accomplishments and what you brought forth in yourself to create those accomplishments. 

Then, take time to reflect on the learning you have gained.  It is through reflection that learning is transformed into wisdom.  

Now you are ready to boldly step into your full responsibility, taking ownership of your intentions and goals for the coming year.  Who do you want to be as a leader?  What do you want to achieve?  What will support this?  How will your learning from this past year be put to good use towards your growth as a leader?


Your free download includes the following:

  1. Celebration:  Questions to help you reflect on your accomplishments.
  2. Consideration: Questions to help you honestly evaluate the disappointments and missed opportunities. 
  3. Reflection: Questions to support your learning from the past year.
  4. Envisioning: What will you create for yourself this coming year? What are your stretch goals?
  5. Learning into Action: Questions to help you bring your learning forward into constructive actions.
  6. Accountability:  Tips to help you ensure you set a realistic path for your enhanced growth intentions!

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