coaching so you can really thrive as a female leader

You want to succeed, you are ready for more, you're hitting a wall.

Perhaps you are:

  • Wondering how to really rock as a leader and increase your influence

  • Feeling the friction between how you think a leader should be and how those you lead with (or for) view leadership

  • Exhausted and wondering how to get your performance edge back

  • Wanting to fast track your leadership career

  • Becoming more reactive than creative in your leadership

  • Wanting to enhance your sense of confidence in a way that feels right for you

  • Eager to produce stunning results with a highly productive team



clear out what is not serving you.

embrace your innate strengths.

rock your Leadership style with confidence.

Your confidence as a leader will not come from assimilating and shaving off the best parts of yourself to fit into an out-dated definition of 'leader'.  This is the quickest way to lose trust, increase in-decision and decrease your authority and influence.

The truth is, the best leaders, today, lead from their unique values, vision and strengths.  They have character, they are characters, they are character-driven leaders who are making a positive impact in the world.



Women do leadership differently.  This matters.  To be a confident leader, you do not need to round down your edges and become a lesser version of yourself.  You need to polish up those edges and stand out as your best self.  You are brilliant and it's time to own your brilliance, speak from brilliance and have the beautiful satisfaction that comes from making your meaningful contribution in this world.

coaching HELPs YOU:

  • Really know your strengths and purpose

  • Communicate with style, confidence and authenticity (you’ve got to be yourself to truly engage others)

  • Truly know and engage your team (if you don’t know what engages your team members, you’re going to lose them)

  • Clear out the things that undermine you as a leader and bring focus to the activities that drive performance (this is where you really find your capacity and hit your stride)

Becoming the great leader is just another adventure....
and you're up for an adventure, aren't you?


what to expect:

Your one-on-one coaching relationship is customized and co-created with you to meet you where you are at in your leadership development and support you in your unique goals.  All SquarePeg coaching engagements include these five elements:

  1. Identification of your signature strengths.

  2. Clarification of your core values and your purpose.

  3. Identification of your personal development goals using our Centred Leadership Model.

  4. Action-learning using guided by a customized framework.

  5. Evaluation.

We can also include a Narrative 360 report.

Through dialogue with your coach, you will explore your values, vision, and goals, and take a deeper look at what is serving you and what is not.  

To help you deepen your learning and forward your action, I will challenge you — sometimes outrageously so  in ways that may make your knees quake, but shock you into thinking and acting beyond any preconceived limitations.

Always in service of your dreams, goals, and bigger agenda, I will ask you deeper questions to bring you to discovery, clarity, action or commitment, and will make requests designed to have you take action. I will also hold you accountable to support you in living into, and acting out of, your most powerful self.

I don't have the answers for my clients -- I hold my clients as naturally creative, resourceful and whole and capable of coming to their own best answers and ways of being in the world. My role, ultimately, is to help you hold your focus on who you are becoming, to help guide you away from any fears and distractions that hold you small, and to help you re-evaluate your intentions, celebrate your successes and step into your own best leadership capacity.