maximize your team's superpowers

Is there something missing with your team – perhaps the magic is gone?  Do you fully understand what's missing?
Do you know how to rekindle the magic?


Is your team rather awesome and you'd like to amp up that awesomeness, build resiliency and keep them engaged?
Do you know how to tweak their superpowers? 

Squarepeg leadership can help you:

  • Take the pulse of the team culture

  • Build trust and accountability – either within the team or between team and leader

  • Enhance collaboration and ideation

  • Conduct Narrative 360 interviews and assessments

  • Support your team in facing the elephant in the room and shift their energy

  • Enhance team engagement and productivity

Case Study: Solving Team Dysfunction and Building Leadership Capacity

More on the Narrative 360 assessment tool

Narrative 360s are an in-depth way to gather valuable contextual feedback via one-on-one interviews with appropriate stakeholders (direct reports, colleagues, superiors, clients). The Narrative 360 can be used either to shed light on a leader's strengths and identify areas for growth, or this assessment can be used to help a team understand its dynamics, its strengths and its roadblocks.  This direct and highly customized approach sheds detailed and meaningful light on the situation. 

Narrative 360s can be used in several ways: 

  • To gauge culture and uncover organizational roadblocks
  • To engage team members in strategic and ideation dialogues (e.g. pre-strategic planning)
  • To provide a leader with a full picture of her strengths and weaknesses

All Narrative 360 responses are reported in aggregate to respect anonymity of respondents.