This session really helped me in my personal development and has inspired me to pursue my own business ideas further."

"Awesome session. It’s great to have concrete actions we can take with us from the session.” 

- Participant comments from the YM-YWCA Women's Leadership Conference

"Delaney sets out stretch goals to take you out of your comfort zone and make you challenge yourself with things that may not be in your comfort zone.

"She is a great listener and can identify areas that need focus that may not be clear at first to the individual. She always has articles or suggested reading that are related to the sessions and very helpful.

"She is so pleasant and friendly and trustworthy that you can be honest and show weaknesses without any fear of being vulnerable.

"The best part of the coaching is the ability to convince myself of who I am, what my values are and the techniques of dealing with challenging situations that I am faced with. It's really all about learning and confirming who I am."

- Leadership coaching client, Government of Canada

I thought you were very thorough, and watching the process unfold was inspiring. You were able to take a big picture and break it down into bite-sized, manageable pieces with insight and poise. Well done!”

Kathryn Jones, Board of Directors, VEAN

When I first got here my benchmarks were quite low because I didn't know any better as a business person. Looking back, now that I am completing this last session of the Lab, I realize I have evolved as a leader and my action planning has evolved. 

"The encouragement and reminders to live my vision have had a big impact. Now that my vision is clear, I'm no longer living paycheque to paycheque, so to speak. I feel I now have better skills to deal with my employees and am a better leader. I don’t work such long hours. I have built a more effective team around me, and I delegate more.”  

- Reg Barber, Reg Barber Enterprises Inc. and manufacturer of the best coffee tampers in the world